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Re: Reading csv with ;

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  • Subject: [mg99443] Re: Reading csv with ;
  • From: Valeri Astanoff <astanoff at>
  • Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 05:20:35 -0400 (EDT)
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On 5 mai, 11:39, Dennis <detebe... at> wrote:
> I'm trying to read a csv with mathematica=85
> Now the problem is that my system settings are at ";" as seperator instead of more traditional ",". So the it effectively looks like 1;1;1;1 instead of 1,1,1,1
> Normally this makes not difference as in most software you can choose the delimiter/seperator before reading a file, so you pick =93separator = ; or whatever.
> With mathematica however I have so far been unable to do this. Now the question of course: how so I change the seperator with mathematica?
> Because quite a few files have a =93;=94 separator I would like to find a solution within mathematica instead of changing the system settings.
> Cheers,
> Dennis

Good day,

My DIY way to do it:

In[1]:= test=Import["test.csv"]
Out[1]= {{1.0;2.0;3.0;4.0},{5.0;6.0;7.0;8.0},{9.0;10.0;11.0;12.0}}

In[2]:= %//FullForm
Out[2]//FullForm= List[List["1.0;2.0;3.0;4.0"],List

In[3]:=  test/.str_String:>
Out[3]= {{1.,2.,3.,4.},{5.,6.,7.,8.},{9.,10.,11.,12.}}

In[4]:= %//FullForm
Out[4]//FullForm= List[List[1.`,2.`,3.`,4.`],List[5.`,6.`,7.`,8.`],List

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