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Animated Bubble Chart

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  • Subject: [mg100018] Animated Bubble Chart
  • From: Jon Rogers <jroge at>
  • Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 01:42:13 -0400 (EDT)

I am looking to create an animated bubble chart similar to what Hans  
Rosling did at TED a few years ago. It seems like Mathematica's  
Manipulate function is a perfect tool for doing this. Can anyone  
suggest some ideas on how to approach this? I am a newbie user and  
have gotten stuck.

I am pulling in data using the CountryData function and one of the  
examples from the built-in documentation. Here is the code from the  
online documentation:

countries = CountryData["Europe"];

properties = {"PovertyFraction", "GDPPerCapita", "Population"};

data = {#1, Log@#2, #3} & @@@
    Table[CountryData[c, p], {c, countries}, {p, properties}];

labeler[v_, {r_, c_}, ___] :=
  Placed[Grid[{{Style[countries[[c]], Bold, 12], SpanFromLeft},  
      Row[{Round[100 v[[1]]], "%"}]}, {"GDP Per Capita",
      Row[{"$", Round[Exp[v[[2]]]]}]}, {"Population",
      Row[{NumberForm[v[[3]] 10^-6, {4, 2}], " million"}]}},
    Alignment -> Left], Tooltip]

BubbleChart[data, ChartStyle -> 24, LabelingFunction -> labeler,
  FrameLabel -> {"Poverty Fraction", "Log GDP Per Capita"}]

The chart is using poverty on the X-Axis, GDP Per Capita on the Y, and  
Population for the bubble size. I would like to animate the bubbles  
for a 10-year period, 1990-2000. Any pointers would be appreciated.



PS: Here is a link to Hans' TED presentation:

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