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Re: Cataloging apps for Finder files? (Mathematica notebooks especially)

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  • Subject: [mg120925] Re: Cataloging apps for Finder files? (Mathematica notebooks especially)
  • From: Didier laplot <didier.laplot at>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 01:27:19 -0400 (EDT)
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DEVONthink Pro Office. I have been using this to catalog files on my
hard drive for the last few years and find it irreplaceable. It
imports and indexes many kinds of files, including text, pdf, images,
etc. It creates database files and the interface can display any
number of simultaneously open catalogues. The indexed files can be
shown in the finder at their location on the drive, opened with a
preferred application, in addition to being displayed in a bottom pane
by the application itself. There is of course the usual set of
features associated with such programs: use of keywords, tagging by
color, etc.
This is a purely Mac program unfortunately, there is no Windows or
Linux version. This is the only application that is preventing me from
leaving the Mac platform while it is still time (but 10.7 Lion is
already here !) and leaving Apple craziness behind.

All the best.

On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 2:20 AM, AES <siegman at> wrote:
> Can anyone suggest a Mac OS X cataloging app that can easily create
> multiple catalogs of selected Finder files ("FFiles" from here on) and
> assist in their management -- with specific reference to catloging
> Mathematica .nb notebook files distributed here and there on a Mac HD?
> By "catalogs" I mean separate, named document files (or database
> files, if you wish), which can be opened and edited by this cataloging
> app, and each of which contains lists of selected FFiles and data
> about these FFiles as entries.
> By "FFile management* I mean the ability to do tasks like:
> *  Add additional FFiles as entries in any catalog (preferably by drag
> and drop).
> *  Add supplemental info about each entry in the catalog (and
> preferably have this info be added as metadata to the FFile itself).
> *  Do usual sorting tasks within each catalog, on multiple fields
> within the entries.
> *  Build and export or print selected lists of the FFile entries in
> the catalog.
> *  Jump directly from an entry in the catalog itself to the FFile
> associated with it ("Find in Finder"), or Open that FFile in its own
> app.
> Plus other useful tasks, like rename (and batch rename) FFiles, or
> Move or Copy associated FFiles, directly within the catalog; find
> duplicates or missing entries; and so on.
> Existing cataloging apps I know about that can do some of these tasks:
> *  iView Media Pro or PhaseOne Media Pro:  Does a superb job of all o=
> these management tasks; can actually be used for .nb files also, but
> really designed mostly for image files.
> *  EndNote: Really a bibliographic database, doesn't do most of the
> above -- but if you have a PDF FFile of a cataloged article on your
> HD, an associated catalog entry has a field that can you open that PDF
> directly.
> Existing cataloging apps I know about but am not interested in:
> *  Bento [doesn't create separate catalog document files];
> *  Filemaker Pro:  I don't believe it can do most of the management
> tasks listed above (???).
> *  Excel, Numbers, or other spreadsheets [often used as cataloging
> apps, but not designed for this task, and lousy at it].
> Any suggestions appreciated.

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