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Numbers get all squished

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  • Subject: [mg121565] Numbers get all squished
  • From: Just A Stranger <forpeopleidontknow at>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 06:08:35 -0400 (EDT)
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I'm trying to plot a time series, with the units being years, using
LineListPlot. The data are {year, value} pairs

{{2001, 0.2},{2002, 0.1}...etc}

For some reason when I try and export a GraphicsGrid, it squishes all the
years onto the ticks. So the ticks look like one long string of numers.

I tried to use DateListPlot, but apparently it needs whole dates and not
years. It uses a wierd date format that would require writing a function
that converts the format of my data to something like

dataDateFormat = {{{2001,1,1}, 0.2},{{2002,1,1}, 0.1}...etc} (with a 10
years sample)

which would be fine I suppose, but there's got to be some option or a better
way? I'm puzzled why LineListPlot squishes the values into one long string
when GraphicsGrid is used. Shouldn't it just skip values (which would
actually be dandy)?

The graphics grid consisted of 6 plots, it looks  like:


Transpose[{{a1,b1,c1},{a2,b2,c2}}] //GraphicsGrid

Which results in the time-axis ticks looking like (200120022003200420005)

Any idea a good way to fix this without converting to the DateListPlot date

Thank you for any help.

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