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Re: How to create links or bookmarks to jump to sections inside a notebook

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  • Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 04:09:47 -0400 (EDT)
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1. Insert a tag in the target (graphics, or other) cell:

  - select the cell;
  - from menu, Cell > Cell Tags > Add/Remove Cell Tags (there's a 
shortcut key for that -- Cmd J on Mac, probably Ctrl J on Windows);
  - in bottom input field in the "Edit Cell Tags for [nb name]" pop-up 
window, type a name for the Cell tag, say "MyFigure" (no quotes);
  - click Add.

  (While working, you may want to display the cell tags. To do so, use 
Cell > Cell Tags > Show Cell Tags.)

2. Create the hyperlink:

   - Select the text back in the text cell where you want the source of 
the hyperlink;
   - from menu, Insert > Hyperlink (there's a shortcut key for that, 
   - in the pop-up dialog window, click radio button "Current notebook";
   - in the display "All cell tags in the notebook", click the target 
cell tag;
   - click OK (or combine the last two steps with a double-click).

I find the default styling of hyperlinked text hard to spot, 
particularly at the default small font size on a high-resolution screen, 
so you may want to change that, by more distinctive coloring or the old, 
ugly, but well-understood underlining.

On Aug 29, 2012, at 1:14 AM, luke wallace <lukewallace1990 at> 

> I'm trying to make an interactive e-book in mathematica.
> I know how to hyperlink to jump from one notebook to another, or to a 
helpfile in mathematica using 'hyperlink' symbol
> but how do I make text click-able which will make it jump to a certain 
picture inside the nb.
> So for example if I have a cell of text that has the text "Figure 1.1" 
somewhere in there, I need to be able to click the "Figure 1.1" text 
like a hyperlink to jump to the figure which is in the same lengthy 
notebook but in a different section. Is it possible?
> If it is possible, how would I make a stylesheet that would 
automatically interlink textual "Figure X.X" with the actual picture (by 
tagging the picture), and then clicking the picture would jump back to 
the text?

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