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Clean output of mathematica

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  • Subject: [mg129073] Clean output of mathematica
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  • Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 19:56:17 -0500 (EST)
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Dear All
Following code solves the 2nd order differential equation.

s = DSolve[{y''[x] == - a^2 y[x]}, y, x]
t = Reduce[y[0] == 0 && y[L] == 0 && C[1] == 0 && C[2] == 2 /. s, a]

These give output

{{y->({x}\[Function]Subscript[c, 2] sin(a x)+Subscript[c, 1] cos(a x))}}

Subscript[c, 3]\[Element]\[DoubleStruckCapitalZ]\[And]((Subscript[c, 1]\[LongEqual]0\[And]Subscript[c, 2]\[LongEqual]2\[And](L\[LongEqual]0\[Or](L!=0\[And]a\[LongEqual](2 \[Pi] Subscript[c, 3])/L)))\[Or](L!=0\[And]Subscript[c, 1]\[LongEqual]0\[And]Subscript[c, 2]\[LongEqual]2\[And]a\[LongEqual](\[Pi] (2 Subscript[c, 3]+1))/L))

Now it is possible to extract the possible eigen values of a but that is not efficient automation. I wish to write a program that effectively plots eigenvalues solution without customizing the extract command each time.

Is it possible to produce a clean output like all possible eigen-values enclosed by bracket defined by just{n Pi/L}. Sure it won't be so hard to overwrite some basic files.

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