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Re: Axis Labels on Plots Using a Frame

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  • Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2012 02:19:23 -0400 (EDT)
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This problem also applies when Mathematica puts the frame labels too far
away from the frame. This is especially apparent on the x axis. 

In any case, the solution is to make your own labels by drawing outside the
frame. To do this one uses two options: ImagePadding creates space to draw
and PlotRangeClipping -> False prevents Mathematica from clipping things you
draw that are outside the frame.

The following is an example using ListPlot.

ListPlot[Table[{Sin[n], Sin[2 n]}, {n, 50}],
 PlotStyle -> AbsolutePointSize[5],
 Epilog -> {Text[Style["x", 16], {1.2, -1.2}],
   Text[Style["y", 16], {-1.15, 1.25}]},
 Frame -> True,
 PlotRange -> {{-1.1, 1.1}, {-1.1, 1.1}},
 PlotRangeClipping -> False,
 ImagePadding -> {{30, 40}, {30, 35}}] 

It's a little more intuitive with the Presentations Application because
there you just draw one thing after another.

<< Presentations` 

  ListDraw[Table[{Sin[n], Sin[2 n]}, {n, 50}]],
  Text[Style["x", 16], {1.2, -1.2}],
  Text[Style["y", 16], {-1.15, 1.25}]},
 AspectRatio -> 0.6,
 Frame -> True,
 PlotRange -> 1.1,
 PlotRangeClipping -> False,
 ImagePadding -> {{30, 40}, {30, 35}}] 

David Park
djmpark at 

From: Gregory Lypny [mailto:gregory.lypny at] 

Hello everyone,

I added a frame as an option to a list plot, and my x and y axis labels
disappeared.  So I used FrameLabel, but the labels were placed centred below
the x axis and centred beside the y axis.  Is there any way I can get them
to appear at the end of the x axis, that is, the bottom right of the frame,
and the top left for the y?



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