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Re: Differential Equation: Not getting result

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  • Subject: [mg127342] Re: Differential Equation: Not getting result
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  • Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 01:39:32 -0400 (EDT)
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On 7/17/2012 12:33 AM, Rahul Chakraborty wrote:
> Dear all,
>   For the following code i'm not getting result. kindly tell me where i'm making mistake.
> Clear[x];
> r=1;
> K=1;
> eqn= (x^')[t]-r  x[t]  (1-x[t]/K)==0//Simplify;
> sol=NDSolve[{eqn,x[0]==1/2,x'[0]==0},x[t],{t,0,50}][[1]]
> ParametricPlot[Evaluate[{x[t]/.sol,D[x[t]/.sol,t]}],{t,0,50},Frame->True,
> ParametricPlot[Evaluate[{t,x[t]/.sol}],{t,0,50},Frame->True,AxesLabel->{"t","x"},AspectRatio->1]
> Regards,
> rc

Your code is not valid Mathematica code.
Please post code that has valid syntax first. You can check
that the syntax is not valid as Mathematica shows a red line
to the right side of the cell.

ps. I do not know what (x^')[t] is supposed to be, first time I see such


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