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StepMonitor problem

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  • Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 02:29:55 -0400 (EDT)
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I use NDSolve to solve a differential system of equations and I need to plot the solution during the execution of NDSolve. I use the StepMonitor option.

For a differential system it works great, at each step I get the time and the function values.

But - for an algebraic-differential system it doesn't work. Instead of function values I get the function derivative values! (took me some time to realize that). The EvaluationMonitor correctly gives the function values.

Do I use the StepMonitor correctly?

Example to illustrate the problem:

Solve an algebraic-differential system, while saving values with StepMonitor and EvaluationMonitor:

{sol, {dataStep, dataEv}} = Reap[
   NDSolve[{x'[t] == y[t]^2 + x[t] y[t], 2 x[t]^2 + y[t]^2 == 1, 
     x[0] == 0}, {x, y}, {t, 0, 10},
    StepMonitor :> Sow[{t, x[t], y[t]}, "stepMonitor"],
    EvaluationMonitor :> Sow[{t, x[t], y[t]}, "evaluationMonitor"]
   {"stepMonitor", "evaluationMonitor"}];

Plotting the solution and EvaluationMonitor shows correspondence:

Plot[{x[t], y[t]} /. sol // Evaluate, {t, 0, 10}, PlotRange -> All]
  Transpose[{dataEv[[1, All, 1]], #}] & /@ 
   Transpose[dataEv[[1, All, 2 ;;]]], PlotRange -> All]

Plotting the StepMonitor shows discrepancy:

ListPlot[Transpose[{dataStep[[1, All, 1]], #}] & /@ 
  Transpose[dataStep[[1, All, 2 ;;]]], PlotRange -> All]

Plotting the solution derivatives shows correspondence to StepMonitor:

Plot[{x'[t], y'[t]} /. sol // Evaluate, {t, 0, 10}, PlotRange -> All]

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