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Laser Scan Image Acuisition

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  • Subject: [mg126626] Laser Scan Image Acuisition
  • From: Abhilash Sukumari <abhilashsukumari at>
  • Date: Sat, 26 May 2012 05:13:43 -0400 (EDT)
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Hello , 

 I am acquiring data using light scattered off a target and collecting the intenstity values.

I would like to know if there is any method in mathematica I can use to make an image other than ArrayPlot,ReliefPlot or ListDensityPlot.

All I want to know is , if there is an better way I can plot the images using the intensity values ??? 

Right now I am doing the following code :
test = Import[
   "C:\\Users\\Raman\\Desktop\\DATA RESULT\\Image\\test 6.csv"];
Z = Partition[Map[Last, test], Sqrt[Length[test]]];
ArrayPlot[Z,PlotRange -> All,ColorRules -> {Max[Z]-> White,Min[Z] -> \
Red},ColorFunctionScaling -> True  ]
GraphicsRow[{ReliefPlot[Z,PlotRange->Automatic,ColorFunction-> \
ListDensityPlot[Z,PlotRange -> All, ColorFunction -> GrayLevel,Mesh \
-> False]}]*)
ReliefPlot[Z, PlotRange -> Automatic, ColorFunction -> GrayLevel]
ListDensityPlot[Z, PlotRange -> All, ColorFunction -> GrayLevel, 
 Mesh -> False, PlotRange -> All]
ListPlot3D[Z, PlotRange -> All, ColorFunction -> GrayLevel, 
 Mesh -> False, PlotRange -> All]


Can anyone who has prior experience with Imaging or Image processing using mathematica Guide me through. 

Thanks you 
abhilashsukumari at

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