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Parallelize and Array access

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  • Subject: [mg126663] Parallelize and Array access
  • From: John <glossner at>
  • Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 04:07:38 -0400 (EDT)
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The code below works fine in serial execution. Since results[i][j] is
not valid outside the Parallelize statement, what is the best way to
code this in Mathematica? I've searched this forum, Mathematica help,
and tried many alternatives to no avail. Thanks for any ideas.

AddSub[a_, b_] :=
  Module[{p, s},
   p = a + b;
   s = a - b;
   Return[{p, s}]

numElements = 5;
  a = Range[numElements];
  b = Range[numElements];
   result[i][j] = AddSub[a[[i]], b[[j]]];
   , {i, 1, numElements}, {j, 1, numElements}

anotherVariable = result;

Do[Print["anotherVariable[", x, "][", y, "] = ",
   anotherVariable[x][y]], {x, 1, numElements}, {y, 1, numElements}];

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