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Re: How to add a Locator (Tooltip) to RootLocusPlot?

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  • Subject: [mg128625] Re: How to add a Locator (Tooltip) to RootLocusPlot?
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  • Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2012 01:26:27 -0500 (EST)
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On 11/10/2012 1:10 AM, Eduardo Mendes wrote:
> Hello
> I wonder whether someone out there would know how to add a Locator or
> Tooltip or something else that allows me to see the values of the
> parameter k (See command below) when the mouse passes over the resulting
> curves? Unfortunately I have no idea on how to do it.
> RootLocusPlot[k (s^2+2 s+4)/(s(s+4)(s+6)(s^2+1.4s+1)),{k,0,150}]
> Many thanks
> Ed

This should really be part of RootLocusPlot. May be in version 9?

In another system I use, starts with 'M' and ends with 'B', I
did the same plot as above, and the plot generated automatically has
this tooltip build-in, and much more information (Gain (k), pole,
damping, overshoot, frequency) about the system.

I typed


And now using the mouse, I point it to the plot and can
read all that information. Here is a screen shot:

You could get hold of the (x,y) coordinates of the plot easy enough,
but that does not answer your question ofcourse. To get the
coordinates as tooltip, do

  k (s^2 + 2 s + 4)/(s (s + 4) (s + 6) (s^2 + 1.4 s + 1)), {k, 0, 150},
   CoordinatesToolOptions -> {"DisplayFunction" -> Function[pt, pt]}]

and now click on the plot, then click '.' and now when you move
the mouse, you'll get the (x,y) coordinates.


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