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Resources on using stylesheets for publishing

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 Sometimes I  write my class notes and assignments in mathematica. I'm over
the attitude that WYSYWIG is for dilettantes and come to realize realize I
really hate staring at LaTeX code and knowing it like the back of my hand
hasn't made me like it any better. So Mathematica I've found to be a nice
alternative for simple documents that don't need to look perfect.

The only issue I have is that the stylesheets do not seem to be documented
very well---programming stylesheets is documented, just not how to use the
stylesheets available. I'm not exactly sure how one is supposed to use the
stylesheet to structure the documents.

 For example, I use the article stylesheet, and notice there are cell types
for Theorems, proposition, corrallary etc. But I havn't been able to figure
out if, for example, the "Theorem" cells are meant for the title/number of
the theorem, or for the actual statement of the theorem. If it isn't for
the statement of the theorem, is the style sheet designed to use the
theorem cell to title the theorem, and then the expression goes under it in
a regular text cell? If the theorem cells are meant for the statement of
the theorem, then how does one label and title the theorem? Has anyone
written documentation on this? It doesn't seem to be in the Mathematica

Does anyone know a resource for using mathematica as a (quick and dirty)
publishing tool? It seems to be undocumented but it has some tantalizing

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