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Re: Using a notebook - how to add a caption and ...

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  • Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2013 01:08:04 -0500 (EST)
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If you wish to display an image in the original resolution and size (one 
pixel of image to one pixel on the screen) you could use the following 

fullSizeFix = Style[Image[#, Magnification -> 1], Magnification -> 1] &;


Column[{fullSizeFix@pic, "Mathematica 9 is here"}]


"Eduardo MAM Mendes" <emammendes at>: news:kf4nmj$8s1$1 at
> Hello
> I have been using notebooks to write reports for a while.  Although I am 
> getting by (the package Presentations by David Park has been of great 
> help), I still have some points that I am not sure how to handle.   Ok, 
> here they are:
> a) Insert-> Picture-> From file inserts the jpg as advertised however I 
> did not figure out how to add a text box that works as a caption just 
> below the figure in the same cell.  Of course the cell cannot be 
> evaluated, so I have turn off that option. If there is a way to add the 
> caption, I wonder whether the whole cell - picture + caption - could be 
> centered justified.
> b) Style - Text - How to create a dynamic cell, that is, suppose I have a 
> text cell as follows
> After some  calculation the value of the variable omega is 3.4.
> Instead of 3.4, I wonder whether it could be the actual calculated value 
> of omega. If omega changes I do not need to change the text cell to update 
> its value.
> One thing that I've noticed is that one has to keep the cell size to a 
> minimum, otherwise lots of almost blank pages come out of the printer.
> Any tips and help will be most appreciated.
> Many thanks
> Ed

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