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Re: wrong result when computing a definite integral

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  • Subject: [mg129427] Re: wrong result when computing a definite integral
  • From: Murray Eisenberg <murray at>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2013 21:51:50 -0500 (EST)
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Unless there's some issue of branches of complex functions involved that 
I'm missing, it should not matter here which order of integration you 
use -- since the limits of integration are constants. However, if you 
wrap each integrand in ComplexExpand,

   a = Integrate[ComplexExpand[Exp[I*Sqrt[3]*y]], {x, -2*Pi, 2*Pi}, 
{y, -Pi, Pi}]
   b = Integrate[ComplexExpand[Exp[I*Sqrt[3]*y]], {y, -Pi, Pi}, {x, 
-2*Pi, 2*Pi}]

then you obtain the same result:

   {a, b} // InputForm
{(8*Pi*Sin[Sqrt[3]*Pi])/Sqrt[3], (8*Pi*Sin[Sqrt[3]*Pi])/Sqrt[3]}
   a == b

On Jan 11, 2013, at 10:22 PM, Alex Krasnov <akrasnov at> wrote:

> Integrate takes the integration variables in prefix order, so perhaps you
> meant the following:
> In:	Integrate[Exp[I*Sqrt[3]*y], {y, -Pi, Pi}, {x, -2*Pi, 2*Pi}]
> Out:	(8*Pi*Sin[Sqrt[3]*Pi])/Sqrt[3]
>  Thu, 10 Jan 2013, Dexter Filmore wrote:
>> i run into this problem today when giving a bunch of easy integrals to mathematica.
>> here's a wolfram alpha link to the problem:
>> the integrand does not depend on the 'x' variable, the inner 
integration should only result in a factor of 4Pi, and the correct 
result is a real number, yet the below integral gives a complex number 
which is far off from the correct value:
>> Integrate[Exp[I Sqrt[3] y], {x, -2 Pi, 2 Pi}, {y, -Pi, Pi}] -> -((4 I (-1 + E^(2 I Sqrt[3] Pi)) Pi)/Sqrt[3])
>> from some trial and error it seems the result is also incorrect for non-integer factors in the exponential.

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