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another query

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  • Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2013 22:57:38 -0400 (EDT)
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I am trying to run the following program but it is not converging after more than 5 hrs. The thing is that it used to converge a week ago but it is stalling now. Any idea? I tried exiting the Mathematica and rebooting it, but the problem persists.

The following is the program.

With regards


nc=.; qs=.;qL=.;rk=.; rm=.;  rr=.;pk=.;pm=.; al=.; be=.;xx=.; xx1=.;x1=.; x2=.; x3=.;rhs1=.;lhs2=.; lhs3=.;Piks1=.; PikL23=.; Piks3=.; Pik=.; Pim=.;Pidk=.; Pidm=.; Pidpk=.;Pidpm=.; dPikpk=.;
 s1k=.; s1m=.;L2k=.; L2m=.; soln=.; Ssk=.; SLk=.; Ssm=.; SLm=.; h=.;
s3k=.; L3k=.; L3m=.;csk=.; csm=.; cLk=.; cLm=.; soln=.; soln1=.; soln2=.;
 nc=1; qs=1; qL=3;

 rhs1=(2(1-xx)+qs rm)pm+(2+qs rk)(1-pm);
xx1=Solve[2 xx+qs rk?rhs1, xx][[1]] // Simplify;
s1k=nc al (x1+(1-x1)(1-pm));

 xx=.; xx1=.;
lhs2=(2xx+qL rk)pk+(2+qL rm)(1-pk);
xx1=Solve[lhs2?2(1-xx)+qL rm, xx] [[1]]//Simplify;
L2k=nc (1-al) be x2 pk;
 L2m=nc (1-al) be((1-x2)+x2(1-pk));
 xx=.; xx1=.;
lhs3=(2xx+qL rk)pk+(2 xx+(qL/qs) qs rk)(1-pk);
xx1=Solve[lhs3?2(1-xx)+qL rm, xx][[1]]//Simplify;
 L3k=nc (1-al) (1-be)x3 pk;
 s3k=nc (1-al) (1-be)x3 (1-pk);
 L3m=nc (1-al) (1-be)(1-x3); )

s1k+s3k+L2k+L3k+s1m+L2m+L3m // FullSimplify // Rationalize;(

 Ssk=s1k+s3k (qL/qs)//FullSimplify //Rationalize;
 SLk=L2k+L3k //FullSimplify;
 Ssm=s1m //FullSimplify;
SLm=L2m+L3m // FullSimplify;
 csk=1; csm=0; cLk=0; cLm=0;

 Pik=(Ssk qs rk-qs csk (Ssk^h))+(SLk qL rk-qL cLk (SLk ^h))// FullSimplify//Rationalize;
Pim=(Ssm qs rm-qs csm (Ssm^h))+(SLm qL rm-qL cLm (SLm ^h))// FullSimplify//Rationalize;
 Pik1=Pik // FullSimplify//Rationalize;
Pim1=Pim // FullSimplify//Rationalize

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