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Re: Why mathematica can't solve this non linear equation

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  • Subject: [mg120045] Re: Why mathematica can't solve this non linear equation
  • From: Alexei Boulbitch <Alexei.Boulbitch at>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2013 05:56:32 -0500 (EST)
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Hi All,
   I need to solve below equation.  My PC got stuck.

Solve[{(\[Mu]0 Sin[t - t0])/Sqrt[ l2^2 + \[Mu]0 l2 Cos[t - t0] +
\[Lambda]0] + (\[Mu]1 Sin[t - t1])/ Sqrt[l2^2 + \[Mu]1 l2 Cos[t - t1] +
\[Lambda]1] ==  0, (2 l2 + \[Beta]0 + \[Mu]0 Cos[t - t0])/Sqrt[ l2^2 +
\[Mu]0 l2 Cos[t - t0] + \[Lambda]0] + ( 2 l2 + \[Beta]1 + \[Mu]1 Cos[t -
t1])/Sqrt[  l2^2 + \[Mu]1 l2 Cos[t - t1] + \[Lambda]1] + 2/( 1 + V
r^(l2/D0)) == 0}, {t, l2}]

Hi, Norman,

I personally consider this forum to be a place where we exchange our knowledge of Mathematica. My opinion that this is not a place
where one can turn to have

*         his job done,

*         his homework fulfilled, or

*         his scientific problem solved
by somebody else instead of him.
It is understood that people here are rather busy with their own work (at least, a good part of them), and it is only their good will to spend a part of their precious time helping one another.

I give here only my personal attitude. Others will express theirs, if they wish.

Now you posted here several questions, all of the same sort. It looks very much to fit to one of the cases I listed above.

I wish you success in solving your problems yourself, and, of course, feel free asking us questions concerning difficult Mathematica tricks, where we will make our best helping you.


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