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CForm Question

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I have a fairly complicated expression that involves arrays; I want to export the expression.  

First, I generate 3 lists; entries in the list represent entries in a C Array.

X = Table[x[i], {i, 0, 7}];
Y = Table[y[i], {i, 0, 7}];
Z = Table[z[i], {i, 0, 7}];

Here is what X looks like:

{x[0], x[1], x[2], x[3], x[4], x[5], x[6], x[7]}

Then I do some other work using X, Y, Z and form expressions that I need in C.  Here is a typical result that I need to export to C:

1/12 (-y[4] z[1] - y[5] z[1] + y[2] (z[1] - z[3]) + y[4] z[3] + 
   y[7] z[3] + y[5] z[4] - y[7] z[4] - y[4] z[5] + 
   y[1] (-z[2] - z[3] + z[4] + z[5]) + 
   y[3] (z[1] + z[2] - z[4] - z[7]) + y[4] z[7])

The above expression involves values from the X,Y,Z tables created above which is exactly what I want.  However, when I use CForm on this expression I get:

(-(y(4)*z(1)) - y(5)*z(1) + y(2)*(z(1) - z(3)) + 
     y(4)*z(3) + y(7)*z(3) + y(5)*z(4) - y(7)*z(4) - 
     y(4)*z(5) + y(1)*(-z(2) - z(3) + z(4) + z(5)) + 
     y(3)*(z(1) + z(2) - z(4) - z(7)) + y(4)*z(7))/12.

This is extremely close to what I want except that the array values are using 'parentheses' rather than the C square brackets.    I understand that this stems from my original creation of the Tables X, Y,Z  but I don't know how to get around that.

Is there a good way to fix this?


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