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Re: Visible mesh edges in PDF output of 3D graphic

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  • Subject: [mg130149] Re: Visible mesh edges in PDF output of 3D graphic
  • From: Peter Pein <petsie at>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 07:15:10 -0400 (EDT)
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Am 13.03.2013 09:18, schrieb David Reiss:
> Consider the following plot:
> graphicTest=
> ContourPlot3D[{h==0,g==0},{x,-2,2},{y,-2,2},{z,-2,2},
> MeshFunctions->{Function[{x,y,z,f},h-g]},
> MeshStyle->{{Thick,Black,Opacity[1]}},
> Mesh->{{0}},
> ContourStyle->{
> Directive[Orange,Opacity[.5],Specularity[White,30]],
> Directive[Purple,Opacity[.3],Specularity[Green,30]]},
> PlotPoints->30,
> Boxed->False,
> (*Axes->False,*)
> BoxRatios->Automatic,
> PlotRange->{All,All,{-2,2}}
> ]
> Then export it as a PDF and look at it in a PDF viewer (insert your
> directory path at <<<your directory path here>>> to make this work):
> Export["<<<your directory path here>>>/
> testGraph.pdf",graphicTest,"PDF"]//SystemOpen
> Look at the resulting PDF.  You will see the lattice of the underlying
> plot mesh visible.  Is there any way to get rid of this?  Note that I
> expect to see the fasceted nature of the graphic, but the explicit
> differently colored edges are not desired.

Hi David,

  as you did not provide us with the definitions of g and h, I invented 
some toy expressions:
{g, h} = Plus @@@
    Through[{Cos, 1 - 2 Sinc[#/2]^2 &}[Pi*{x, y, z}]];

The plain export to PDF results in a 110 MB file with which the 
Adobe-Reader has got hard times (it crashes on my 12GB-box). GS-View 
works and I can see the many lines.

  If losing the scalability is acceptable,

Export[ToFileName[{$HomeDirectory, "Desktop"}, "test2.pdf"],
  Rasterize[graphicTest, ImageSize -> 1200], ImageResolution -> 300]

might help (resulting in a 633 KB PDF file). I tried an export without 
explicit rasterization via the options "AllowRasterization"->True and 
ImageResolution -> 300 in the call to Export[], but it did not look as 
nice as the result of the above line. Maybe I misunderstood the meaning 
of this option :(


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