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Re: tossing a coin

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  • Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 06:15:05 -0400 (EDT)
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A variation of Dana's answer, if you'd like to keep the tossing results as a list

In[2]:= k = RandomChoice[{"h", "t"}, 30]

Out[2]= {"t", "h", "h", "h", "t", "t", "h", "t", "h", "h", "h", "t", \
"t", "t", "t", "h", "t", "h", "h", "t", "t", "t", "h", "h", "t", "h", \
"t", "t", "t", "h"}

In[8]:= k //. {x___, "t", "h", "h", y___} :> {x, "PATTERN A", y}

Out[8]= {"PATTERN A", "h", "t", "t", "h", "PATTERN A", "h", "t", "t", \
"t", "t", "h", "PATTERN A", "t", "t", "PATTERN A", "t", "h", "t", \
"t", "t", "h"}

A more literal way is to create the sequences by partitioning with padding

In[29]:= Position[Partition[k, 3, 1], {"t", "h", "h"}]

Out[29]= {{1}, {8}, {17}, {22}}

Best Regards

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