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LocatorPane and tooltips for the locators

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  • Subject: [mg132069] LocatorPane and tooltips for the locators
  • From: "E. Martin-Serrano" <drmartinspain at>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2013 02:25:04 -0500 (EST)
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I have the below sketchy  *LocatorPane* piece of code  with dynamic
locators,  defined over  the set of points pts . I use this device to deal
with multiple 2D Bezier curves, which involve several sets of  grouped
locators  for the controls of each curve. *LocatorPane* imposes some
restrictions on dynamic programs. **Locator** itself is (should be) much
more flexible but it does not work for me yet. When the dynamic stuff gets
just a bit complex (not very much) *Locator* does not work (definitively)
and *LocatorPane* seems to be much more agile and handy, by far. But it
imposes other restrictions not to be mentioned here, except for the one
about *Tooltip* on the locators (as far as I am aware of it).

Now, it follows  the *LocatorPane* piece of pseudo code  with dynamic


pts = *list of  {xi, yi}  locator coordinates*

calcAll[pts_,stuff_]:=  (* calcAllBody to treat secondary dynamic items*)

LocatorPane[Dynamic[pts, (pts = #; calcAll[pts, suff]) &],


This generates a LocatorPane with the set ts of dynamic  locators
partitioned according it is needed. But, I  need the locators to be wrapped
by *Tooltip*,  so that the current position of each  pts[[i]] could be
displayed  at will, however I can't  find how this can be done within the
*LocatorPane* construct, since the locators themselves are defined in the
heading part of the construct, namely: *Dynamic[pts, (pts = #; calcAll[pts,
suff]) &]*,  in no other place of the *LocatorPane* construct are the
locators mentioned.

Currently I have this working with inset labels on every locator, but it is
not the proper solution at all.

By the way, my previous post on Intersecting Bezier is just about 2D curves.

Any help will be appreciated.


E. Martin-Serrano

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