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Re: Output display by slide

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Thanks Dr.Boulbitch, Dr.Hintze and Dr.Bob Hanlon (response from this faster unmoderated site).

The attempt here is to see a changing Fermat point with extended domain of b.

I asked you about changing Center of Gravity in the way you suggested with a view to later on put (XF,YF) from output of NSolve, NDSolve,etc.into the Graphics.I am unable to extract it... although can be successfully done without the Manipulate nesting for a single (XF,YF) point.

Please help in suggesting how to incorporate this seemingly simple point pick up. TIA, shall be patient for a couple of days on this moderated site, and with


NSolve[{sgn x/Sqrt[x^2+y^2]==(x1-x)/Sqrt[(x1-x)^2+(y1-y)^2]+SGN (x2-x)/Sqrt[(x2-x)^2+(y2-y)^2],sgn y/Sqrt[x^2+y^2]==(y1-y)/Sqrt[(x1-x)^2+(y1-y)^2]+SGN (y2-y)/Sqrt[(x2-x)^2+(y2-y)^2]},{x,y}];
Graphics[{v1,v2,v3,Triang,FP},GridLines->Automatic,Frame->True,PlotRange->{{-4.1,4.1},Automatic},PlotLabel->Style["FERMAT PT",16]]],{{b,2.5},-4,4,0.1,Appearance->"Labeled"}]

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