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Re: RV: Version 9 Trial contaminates Version 8 running paid version

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  • Subject: [mg131823] Re: RV: Version 9 Trial contaminates Version 8 running paid version
  • From: "E. Martin-Serrano" <eMartinSerrano at>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 16:51:37 -0400 (EDT)
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John, Murray and George,

Many thanks for your help.  

I understand the reason of the trouble; so, I will give priority to V8 in
the mathpass file and reinstall V9 to continue the trial.

E. Martin-Serrano

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De: John Fultz [mailto:jfultz at] 
Enviado el: jueves, 10 de octubre de 2013 4:09
Para: mathgroup at
Asunto: Re: RV: Version 9 Trial contaminates Version 8 running
paid version

The problem is that Mathematica 8 is picking up Mathematica 9's activation
information preferentially.  If you did nothing, after the trial period
expired, Mathematica 8 would revert to its normal behavior (because the
Mathematica 9 activation entry would be no good, so it would just skip it).
But I'm guessing you don't want to wait 25 days for that to happen.

Take a look at the output of this:


In all likelihood, you'll see two entries (or maybe more, but the first two
are probably the ones that matter); the first one will have an activation
key corresponding to your trial version, and the second with an activation
key corresponding to your version 8.

You could simply flip them around with any text editor.  Or with
Mathematica.  This code should do the trick (the complexity in the code is
to preserve the position of some comment metadata that might be in your
password file).

lines = Import[$PasswordFile, "Lines"];
lines = Split[lines,
   SameQ @@ StringMatchQ[{##}, StartOfString ~~ "%" ~~ __] &]; lines =
Flatten[Reverse /@ lines]; Export[$PasswordFile, lines, "Lines"];


John Fultz
jfultz at
User Interface Group
Wolfram Research, Inc.

On Oct 9, 2013, at 1:11 AM, "E. Martin-Serrano"
<eMartinSerrano at> wrote:

> Hi,
> Now, I have realized that the notebooks created and running  under the 
> V8 paid version also display the legend Wolfram Mathematica -  PRODUCT 
> So it is not only the Welcome Screen what has been contaminated by the 
> trial V9 version.
> De: E. Martin-Serrano [mailto:eMartinSerrano at]
> Enviado el: martes, 8 de octubre de 2013 13:42
> Para: mathgroup at
> Asunto: Version 9 Trial contaminates Version 8 running paid version
> Hi,
> Last week, I downloaded and installed V9 Trial, which I have already 
> uninstalled after only three days.
> It seems that, somehow, V9 was, conflicting with V8, which is the 
> version I am currently running. I uninstalled the Trial V9 to check 
> whether I could find the conflicting points with the idea of 
> reinstalling V9 again to continue the V9 trial.
> However, to my surprise, after the V9 trial uninstallation,  the 
> former V8 version Welcome screen is warning that my V8 paid 
> Mathematica is =a trial product and that there are 26 days left for it.
> I have used the Windows uninstall tool to get rid of Mathematica V9 
> Trial and probably there are some leftovers still working in the 
> original V8 system (a clear indication of that V9 is interfering with 
> the paid V8 even after the trial V9  has been uninstalled). Besides, 
> after finishing the uninstallation, Windows8  warned it could not 
> uninstall the whole Mathematica V9 trial stuff so that I ought to move 
> manually the trial V9 kernel to the  recycle bin.
> I hope someone could provide some clue about what is going on before 
> the my current 26 days v8 trial period is over
> Regards
> E. Martin-Serrano
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