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  • Subject: [mg131889] ParametricLinePlot3D
  • From: Narasimham <mathma18 at>
  • Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2013 23:48:50 -0400 (EDT)
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" Bend-Rolling circle on cylinder by gln "
ring={a Cos[R Sin[u]/a],a Sin[R Sin[u]/a],R Cos[u]} ;
Ringsweep={a Cos[R Sin[u]/a+t],a Sin[R Sin[u]/a+t],R Cos[u]};
Ringsweep1={a Cos[R Sin[u]/a]Cos[v]-Sin[v]*a Sin[R Sin[u]/a],a Cos[R Sin[u]/a]Sin[v]+Cos[v]*a Sin[R Sin[u]/a],R Cos[u]};
rng=ParametricPlot3D[ring,{u,0,2 Pi},PlotStyle->{Green,Thick}]
sw=ParametricPlot3D[Ringsweep,{u,0,2 Pi},{t,0,Pi},Mesh->{18,3},PlotStyle->{Green,Thick}]
sw1=ParametricPlot3D[Ringsweep1,{u,0,2 Pi},{v,0,Pi},Mesh->{18,3},PlotStyle->{Green,Thick},Boxed->False, Axes->None]

" I want to be able to see just 4 neat green thick parametric lines of above first plot 'rng', rotated around the vertical axis, without smearing up the patch and without using any ListPlots.  Please help. "


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