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Re: function is gone

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  • From: "E. Martin-Serrano" <eMartinSerrano at>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2014 02:16:21 -0400 (EDT)
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Thanks Szabolcs,

In fact, today the whole thing seems to work the following way

In[1]:= Needs["Utilities`Package`"]

(* functions - names- in "Utilities`Package`" *)

In[2]:= Names["Utilities`Package`*"]

Out[2]:= {"FindPackages", "FullPath", "PackageInformation"}

(* Looks up the HeaderInformation in the package "myContext`myPackage`"*)

In[3]:= PackageInformation["myContext`myPackage`", PackageInformation["myContext`myPackage`"]]

Out[3]:=  (* All info in the header of "myContext`myPackage`". Including  "Context", "Title", "Author", "Package Version", "Mathematica 
Version", "Copyright", "History", "Summary", "Keywords", "Contents",
"Discussion", "Sources", "Warning", "Last modification", and so on*)

Off topic comment

The actual package belongs to a large application that I wrote in 2002, which makes heavy use of Combinatorica. I am having a hard time in recovering (and revamping) it after 10 years, to make it work in the newer versions. Among other difficulties: the whole old fashioned documentation and Help is nearly unusable.

Thanks again.

E. Martin-Serrano

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De: Szabolcs Horv=C3=A1t [mailto:szhorvat at]
Enviado el: mi=C3=A9rcoles, 2 de abril de 2014 8:37
Para: mathgroup at
Asunto: function is gone

On 2014-4-1, 3:04 , E. Martin-Serrano wrote:
> Hi,
> As far as I remember, until version 6, the function
> HeaderInformation[=93Contextname`packagename`=94]
> Returned the package-header information as, :Context: , :Title:,
> :Author:, :Package Version:, :Mathematica Version:, :Copyright: ,
> :History: ,
> :Summary: , :Keywords:, :Contents:, :Discussion: , :Sources:, :Warning.
> I think that in newer versions, after V6,  it has been removed. The
> Mathematica Version advisory in version 6, still accepts
> *HeaderInformation[]* as compatible code coming from earlier versions, 
> but now in V8, neither it appears in the Help nor is executed at all.
> Am I wrong?

This function was probably part of the package mentioned here:

The package is not part of Mathematica any more but it can still be downloaded from the Wolfram Library Archive.

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