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  • Subject: [mg132390] TreePlot
  • From: Marco Gabiccini <m.gabiccini at>
  • Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2014 02:06:05 -0500 (EST)
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Dear all,

I am trying to obtain a nice visualization of generic trees in 
Mathematica for mechanism analysis.

I have been able to use something like:

treeStructure = {{0, 1}, {1, 2}, {1, 3}, {3, 5}, {0, 4}, {4, 6}, {4,
     7}, {4, 8}};

jointList = Map[Last, treeStructure];

edgeList = MapThread[Rule,
    {Map[DirectedEdge @@ # &, treeStructure],

g = TreeGraph[
   Map[DirectedEdge @@ # &, treeStructure],
   VertexLabels -> "Name",
   GraphRoot -> 0,
   EdgeLabels -> edgeList,
   VertexSize -> 0.15, EdgeStyle -> Thick,
   EdgeLabelStyle -> Directive[Red, Bold, 16],
   VertexLabelStyle -> Directive[Black, 14]]

and all is fine. However, I was trying to exploit the apparently more 
freedom given by the command TreePlot, e.g. to create a small white 
frame behind the names of the edges so that the text does not collide 
with the edge itself, have the tree grow from the bottom up, etc.,  but 
I am facing the problem that it seems that TreePlot overrides the names 
given to the nodes (e.g, my root node must be zero and it is 
automatically renamed 1) and there seems to be no smart function like 
that is TreeGraph VertexLabels->"Name".

Any hint about how the get, at the same time, the best of both commands? 
Or, at least, have a better visualization using TreeGraph?



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