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  • To: mathgroup
  • From: stevec (Steve Christensen)
  • Date: Tue, 21 Mar 89 13:47:09 CST

>From Jim_Wendel at Tue Mar 21 06:19:52 1989
Subject: Re: Chebyshev "bug"

My Mac II version 1.04 of Mathematica gives the
correct answer x for ChebyshevT[1,x].  Your message referred to Chebychev...
Note slight difference in spelling!
My 1.04 version of Mathematica, running on a Mac II, thinks that the product
of your two large integers (9 digits each) is a prime.  Consistently then
it factors it as itself to the 1 power.
Plot[BesselK[1/2,x],{x,20,25}] came out beautifully, values from 0 down to
-0.0000175 on the vertical axis.

[It appears that there are some bugs in 1.1 that were not in 1.04 
on all machines.  I will try to report on these problems when 1.2
comes out.  If you do report bugs, please indicate always which
version of the software you are using and on what machine. --- smc]

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