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graphics questions

  • Subject: graphics questions
  • From: Carl L. Gardner <uiucuxc!!gardner>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Feb 90 12:37:20 EST
  • Apparently-to: uiucuxc!!mathgroup-send

I have three graphics questions:

(1) On my SPARCstation (which has a graphics accelerator), if I zoom a
plot to full screen, the lines become very blobby.  If I close the
window, & then reopen it, the lines are reasonably thin (correct).  Is
this a bug--sunview or graphics accelerator?

(2) Do you know how to get Greek letters & math symbols on the
Mathematica plots?

(3) Is there a standard coloring for 3D plots, i.e., can I get a spectrum
instead of gray tones easily?  (I know how to color the plots "by hand",
but there ought to be a default spectrum & coloring.)

Thanks very much!


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