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  • From: uiucuxc!!u12253 (Charles G. Fleming)
  • Date: Mon, 12 Feb 90 13:20:36 -0600
  • Apparently-to: uiucuxc!!mathgroup-send

Subject: Splice

I have been using Mathematica to generate some systems of differential
equations and then splice the resulting equations into a FORTRAN (gag)
program so that they can be numberically solved using the imsl package.
The problem is that if the equations are too long for FORTRAN splice does
not break the output into several lines with continuation  markers.  In other
words, it seems that FortranForm on Mathematica  doesn't work as it should.
I wrote a C program to reformat splice's output, but this is something that
FortranForm should do. Perhaps I'm not using the correct options with splice.
Are you familiar with this problem or do you know someone at WRI that could
give me a work-around?  Thanks.

chuck fleming
u12253 at

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