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MathGroup Archive 1992

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Re: Limit[FresnelC[t],t->Infinity]

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: Re: Limit[FresnelC[t],t->Infinity]
  • From: a_rubin at (arthur rubin)
  • Date: Thu, 13 Aug 92 07:40:25 PDT

In reply to Trott Michael's message of 10 Aug 92:

Mathematica 2.0 for HP Apollo Domain/OS
Copyright 1988-91 Wolfram Research, Inc.
 -- Display Manager graphics initialized -- 

In[1]:= Limit[FresnelC[t],t->Infinity]

SeriesData::csa: Argument SpecialFunctions`Series`Private`temp$1 Cos[ComplexInfinity] in 
    ComposeSeries[SpecialFunctions`Series`Private`temp$1 Cos[ComplexInfinity], ComplexInfinity] is not a power series.

Out[1]= ComposeSeries[SpecialFunctions`Series`Private`temp$1 Cos[ComplexInfinity], ComplexInfinity] + FresnelC[ComplexInfinity]

In[2]:= FresnelC[Infinity]

Out[2]= -

In[3]:= Integrate[Cos[t^2],{t,0,Infinity}]

Out[3]= Sqrt[--]

---so an error in the Limit, but none in the integral, for me.

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