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Default directives for graphics primitives


     If you are using Plot to generate pictures, then you could define your
own settings for directives for any 2D primitives as part of PlotStyle:

          SetOptions[Plot, PlotStyle->Thickness[0.001]]

You can also give a list of directives as the setting for this option, such as
{Thickness[0.001], Dashing[{0.04, 0.04}], PointSize[0.03], RGBColor[1, 0, 1]}.

     The settings for directives PointSize, Thickness, and Dashing are
fractions of the width of the plot; they don't refer to units in the
coordinate plane or space.  For PointSize, the Mathematica book states that
the measure of the _radius_ is what is given, though my experience has been
that it is the _diameter_ (try PointSize[1/2] and PointSize[1] as examples to
verify).  If you have version 2, then you can use the new absolute measures
for these directives, Absolute* for all the above.  These allow you to give
sizes in units of points, or 1/72 inch, I think.

     I don't know how to set default values for directives for Graphics(3D),
only for PlotStyle as an option to Plot, ParametricPlot, and ListPlot.  I've
wondered about this for a while now, and if you find a way, I'll be interested
to know.

                                                    Robby Villegas
                                                    Knox College
                                                    (Villegas at Knox.Bitnet)

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