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Re: PostScript Problems

  • To: MATHGROUP at (Mathematica Discussion Group)
  • Subject: Re: PostScript Problems
  • From: Ross_Moore at (Ross Moore)
  • Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1992 11:26:07 +1000

Just to add my 2 cents worth...

... for Macintosh users, with TeXtures from Blue Sky Research, 
the best way that I have found for including Mathematica graphics is to do
the following.

1.  Copy the graphic to the clipboard. (Edit menu, or  Cmd-C)

2.  Select the menu option  `Convert Clipboard...`  
converting to the format listed as  `PICT with Embedded PostScript`  
or as  `Embedded PostScript PICT` .

3.  switch to TeXtures  (via Multifinder or system 7);

4.  bring to front the  Picture Window  of the target document;

5.  `Paste` (Edit menu, or  Cmd-V) into this window.
(If this step gives you trouble, Paste into a scrapbook first, then
copy/paste from there.)

6.  give the graphic a name; 

7.  write a macro to place it in the TeX source, treating it like any other
PICT graphic from the Pictures window.

When typeset, your document will display the same PICT graphic that you see
in the Mathematica Notebook; but when printed it prints to the same quality
as from the notebook, for it is using the embedded PostScript description,
not the screen-rendered PICT version.

There is no need to use  `psfig`  or anything of that ilk  
---  unless you plan to send your TeX code to someone who is not using

The advantages of doing it this way, are...
1.  the graphic is stored in the resource fork of your Textures document.
Move the file to another folder and the graphic comes with it.
2.  you don't have to worry about the %%Bounding Box for the PostScript
graphic; the size of the PICT graphic is given in the picture window, so you
just use this in your \picture  or  \scaledpicture  macro.

The disadvantage is lack of portability, as mentioned above.

Of course the  Encapsulated PostScript option is also available in Textures,
(using the \illustration  macro), but this requires making sure all the
relevant files are together or open.

Ross Moore

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