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new issue of MathUser

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  • Subject: new issue of MathUser
  • From: gaylord at
  • Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1992 04:21:21 -0600

i just got the fall/winter issue of MathUser from Wolfram Research and
thought i'd summarize some of the interesting things in it for those who
don't get it.

1. an equation typesetting system is being developed. this means your
output can look like regular math.

2.MathSource - site for Mathematica packages: 
the ftp address is mathsource at   
its also accessible by e-mail (i much prefer using the ftp access personally)
this has good stuff in it. definitely worth browsing through.

3.discussion of mathlink. eg., says there's going to be a hook to excel.

4. q & a's. says you can upgrade to versions of mathematica for different
machines [that'll come in useful when i get my inheritance and can buy a
faster machine]. also tells you how to transfer notebooks between mac and

5. wri is selling christmas cards again this year.
they're attractive and its just the thing to send people who already think
you've gone completely crazed over mathematica (this bought to mind a joke
about how to 'de-program'  followers of the mathematica cult; however i
just told it to my dog and he growled at me [a tough audience: he also
snarls if i enter a Do loop] so i better improve the punchline before i
post it.

6. there's a mathematica developer's camp being held in champaign IL this
spring. this should be very useful to people writing mathematica packages
and books, etc.
if you attend, you can be sure to get alot accomplished since there's
absolutely nothing interesting to do in this town which might distract you
[but at least we have really lousy restaurants].
it says to contact devcamp at if you're interested.

7. there's an X-windows notebook front end coming out.

richard j. gaylord, university of illinois, gaylord at

"if you're not programming functionally, then you must be programming

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