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  • Subject: Replacement?
  • From: francis at (Francis)
  • Date: Thu, 22 Apr 93 03:53:16 PDT

This may be a FAQ so apologies in advance.
Help. I don't know what I'm doing wrong here.
I simply want Mma to replace N q with Q everywhere mathematically
possible, so that N^2 q^2 would be replaced by Q^2,
N^3 q^2 by N Q^2 and so on.

I tried the below but it didn't work and I'm not sure where I went
wrong. My guess is that N q and N^2 q^2 "look" different to Mma
so it doesn't touch it. But of course, N N q q is replaced by Q^2.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Mathematica 2.1 for SPARC
Copyright 1988-92 Wolfram Research, Inc.
 -- Athena graphics initialized -- 

In[1]:= Unprotect[Times]

Out[1]= {Times}

In[2]:= Unprotect[Power]

Out[2]= {Power}

In[3]:= N q = Q

Out[3]= Q

In[4]:= test = Simplify[N^2 q^2]

         2  2
Out[4]= N  q

In[5]:= test2 = N^2 q^2 /. N q -> Q

         2  2
Out[5]= N  q

In[6]:= test3 = Simplify[N^2 q^2]/.N q -> Q

         2  2
Out[6]= N  q

In[7]:= test4 = Simplify[N^2 q^2 /. N q -> Q]

         2  2
Out[7]= N  q

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