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Re: Replacement?

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  • Subject: Re: Replacement?
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  • Date: 26 Apr 93 22:20 GMT

in message <9304260436.AA28649 at> francis at
> I simply want Mma to replace N q with Q everywhere mathematically
> possible, so that N^2 q^2 would be replaced by Q^2,
> N^3 q^2 by N Q^2 and so on.
Handing on Arthur L. Rubin's (a_rubin at answer to an
question posted on news.sci.math.symbolic a couple of weeks ago:
alr: In general, you might try using the AlgebraicRules reductions, remembering
alr: to include all variables in the reduction;
alr: R = AlgebraicRules[N q == Q,{N, q,...}]
In[1]:= N^2 q^2 /. R
Out[1]= Q^2
In[2]:= N^5 q^3 /. R
Out[2]= N^2 Q^3
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