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MathLink to remote Solaris 2.1 host (Q)

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  • Subject: MathLink to remote Solaris 2.1 host (Q)
  • From: jeff at (jeff schindall)
  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 07:56:07 PDT


My math2.1 kernal runs on a sun4 running sunos4.x.  I'd like to run a mlink
program on a sun 690 running solaris2.1.  Unfortunately, I've had no luck.

Both the link and Mma seem to hang while trying to make the link.

Session Follows:  

------------***** starting addtwo on a remote host *******------------

harel> addtwo -linkname 5000 -linkmode listen -linkprotocol TCP &
[1] 27549
harel >

-----------**** attempting to make the link in Mma  ******-----------

sparc> math
Mathematica 2.1 for SPARC
Copyright 1988-92 Wolfram Research, Inc.
 -- OPEN LOOK graphics initialized --

In[1]:= link= Install["5000",LinkMode->Connect,LinkProtocol->"TCP",


At this point Mma is trying to establish a link and hangs.  I know that the
program works, since I have made links to this program on other remote
sparcs not running solaris 2.1 and even an ultrix host.

BTW,  the program addtwo was not compiled on the Solaris machine(we are
still waiting for the compilers to arrive) it was compiled  on sparc
running sunOS 4.x with the compile time option -target sun4.  This could be
the stumbling block; but my other non-mathlink programs can be executed on
the Solaris host in this manner with no problems whatsoever.

Any comments would be appreciated.


        	       	       	-jeff schindall

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