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Helsinki Workshop on Symbolic and Numeric Computation

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  • Subject: Helsinki Workshop on Symbolic and Numeric Computation
  • From: mjlaine at (Marko Laine)
  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 09:23:14 +0300 (EET DST)

                   Symbolic and Numeric Computation
                   Otaniemi, Finland 24.-28.5. 1993

           University of Helsinki     Helsinki University of Technology
                          The Academy of Finland
    The Rolf Nevanlinna-Institute     Centre for Scientific Computing


The Helsinki Workshop on Symbolic and Numeric Computation was
organized in May 1991 for the first time. The aims of the workshop
were then and are now to focus on combined symbolic and numeric
methods for scientific and engineering problem solving with possibly
the use of high performance computing environments and visualization
techniques. We will try to provide a forum for exchanging ideas and
introducing projects that develop or use some combination of such


The workshop is divided into two independent parts:

   - An AXIOM course given by Grant Keady (Mon-Tue)
   - The "actual" workshop (Wed-Fri)


   The Axiom course starts at 11.00 on Mon 24.5.    Auditorium G
   The workshop program starts at 11.00 on Wed 16.5. Auditorium G


   - Mike Dewar, University of Bath
           Manipulating Fortran code in AXIOM, and the AXIOM-NAG Link
           Demonstration on current version of the Axiom-NAG Link
           Demonstration of IRENA
   - Andre J.P. Heck, CAN Expertise Centre, Amsterdam
           Computer Algebra in Industry: Applications in Optics
   - Jarmo Hietarinta, University of Turku
           Solving huge sets of nonlinear equations
   - Grant Keady, University of Western Australia
           Axiom course
           Fortran code production for Argument SubPrograms in
           the AXIOM-NAG link
   - Mike Monagan, ETH Zurich
           A demonstration of the new Maple
           On automatic differentiation

   - Seppo Pohjolainen, Tampere University of Technology
           Topics in Control theory -- Presentation and demo using 
   - Alexei Serebrovski, Russian Academy of Sciences
           Stochastic control theory: Applications of computational
   - Mika Seppala, University of Helsinki
           Computational problems in the theory of Riemann surfaces and
           algebraic curves
   - Mark Sofroniou, University of Loughborough
           An Efficient Numeric/Symbolic Environment With Code
           Optimization Using Mathematica
           Demonstration of the above environment
   - Esko Valkeila, University of Helsinki
           On the computer generation of Poisson Processes
   - Ilpo Vattulainen, CSC
           On pseudo-random numbers
   - Pirkka Peltola, Espoo-Vantaa Institute of Technology
           Solving systems of nonlinear equations by a Maple-APL-Fortran-
   - Richard Eller, TMT-Team Oy
           Easy and fast matrix number crunching with data from any source
   - Robert Silhol, Universite de Montpellier
           Some concrete computational problems in Riemann Surfaces
   - Heikki Apiola, Helsinki University (of Technology)
           UNIX-ESC, An overview
   - Marko Laine, University of Helsinki
           Combining Matlab with Maple and Fortran libraries
   - Juha Haataja, CSC
           A set of Symbolic-numeric tools for handling some
           problems on Dirichlet polygons
   - Juha Haataja, CSC
           Information services for mathematicians - a review of
           using computer networks
   - Jussi Rahola, CSC
           Visualization in mathematical research
   - Jussi Rahola, CSC
           What is new in Matlab 4.0

There is room for a couple of more presentations. 


           Demonstration on current version of the Axiom-NAG Link
           Demonstration of IRENA
           ESC - Environment for Scientific Computing
           Sophroniou's Mathematica-based numeric-symbolic environment
           Software demonstrations by sponsors


On Thursday May 27 Mike Monagan, ETH Zurich, will give a demonstration
of Maple, especially its new version 2 on a Sun workstation. This
demonstration will be in the auditorium G at 16.15. Both the
demonstration and the informal cocktail-party in the lobby of the
auditorium are sponsored by Tiedesofta.

SOFTWARE exhibitions and demonstrations by the sponsors are present.


Helsinki University of Technology
Otakaari 1 M, Auditorium G
SF-02150 Espoo


Heikki Apiola              Heikki.Apiola at Helsinki.Fi
Juha Haataja               Juha.Haataja at csc.Fi
Harri Hakula               Harri.Hakula at hut.Fi
Simo Kivela                Simo.Kivela at hut.Fi
Marko Laine                Marko.Laine at Helsinki.Fi
Markku Lindroos            Markku.Lindroos at hut.Fi
Pirkka Peltola             Pirkka.Peltola at Helsinki.Fi
Jussi Rahola               Jussi.Rahola at csc.Fi
Esko Valkeila              Esko.Valkeila at Helsinki.Fi


Send your name, phone, e-mail address, organization and other relevant
information to Anne.Bjorklund at by May 17, 1993

Anne Bjorklund                          Fax: +358-0-4572302
CSC-Tieteellinen laskenta Oy            Phone:+358-0-4572158
PO Box 405
SF-02101 Espoo

Both the Axiom-course and the workshop are free of charge. (Money from
sponsors made it possible for us to cancel the 100 mk fee mentioned in
the second announcement.)


   - Tiedesofta
   - Business Advantage Development
   - Control Cad
   - TMT-Team


Hotel reservations will be made on request.

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