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MathGroup Archive 1993

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  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: Lists
  • From: neilb at (RiemannZeta(s))
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jan 93 16:51:11 EST

Hi, I am try to add one to the last element of a list.
For example

>In[1]:= l={x,y,z}
>Out[1]= {x, y, z}
>In[2]:=  l/.l[[Length[l] ]]->l[[Length[l] ]]+1
>Out[2]= {x, y, 1 + z}

which works fine,

>In[3]:= l={x,y,z,0}
>Out[3]= {x, y, z, 0}
>In[4]:=  l/.l[[Length[l] ]]->l[[Length[l] ]]+1
>Out[4]= {x, y, z, 1}


>In[5]:= l={x,z,y,0,0}
>Out[5]= {x, z, y, 0, 0}
>In[6]:=  l/.l[[Length[l] ]]->l[[Length[l] ]]+1
>Out[6]= {x, z, y, 1, 1}
which is curious. Does anybody know why
this doesn't produce

Many thanks

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