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Creating a function that will do a Complex conjugate

I felt so proud of myself when I wrote the following
function that would do complex conjugation.  It usually
works.  But I have no clue why it would not work
on the spherical harmonics.

Here is the data

Mathematica 2.1 for HP 9000 RISC
Copyright 1988-92 Wolfram Research, Inc.
 -- Motif graphics initialized -- 

In[1]:= MagSquared[EQ_]:=Module[{a,b},a=EQ;b=EQ /.  I -> -I ;a b]

In[2]:= MagSquared[a+I b]

Out[2]= (a - I b) (a + I b)

In[3]:= MagSquared[Cos[a+I b]]

Out[3]= Cos[a - I b] Cos[a + I b]

In[4]:= SphericalHarmonicY[3,2,theta,phi]

            2 I phi        7                          2
Out[4]= 15 E        Sqrt[------] Cos[theta] Sin[theta]
                         480 Pi
In[5]:= MagSquared[SphericalHarmonicY[3,2,theta,phi]]

             4 I phi           2           4
        105 E        Cos[theta]  Sin[theta]
Out[5]= ------------------------------------
                       32 Pi

The function did not conjugate the function.
Does anyone know why?


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