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Simple Integrations in Mathematica

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  • Subject: Simple Integrations in Mathematica
  • From: wasfy at (Michael Wasfy Nicolas Ibrahim)
  • Date: Tue, 23 Mar 93 21:54:30 CST

Hello, I am helping with a couple calculus classes in which we are  
trying to encourage beginning students to use Mathematica to their  
benefit.  Unfortunately students tend to be daunted when they  
encounter the following:
In[1]:= Integrate[(1+Sin[x])/Cos[x]^2,x]

           2 Sin[-]
Out[1]= ---------------
            x        x
        Cos[-] - Sin[-]
            2        2

In[2]:= Integrate[(1+Sin[x])/Cos[x]^2,{x,0,Pi/4}]

        (1 + I) (1 + (-1)   )
Out[2]= ---------------------
            -I + (-1)
As opposed to the simpler expected results Tan[x] + Sec[x] and  
Sqrt[2] respectively. Is there an easy way to force these solutions?   
(This by the way is only one example--it is not the only instance).   
I recall a while ago someone had a similar question relating to the  
suppression of special functions.  I don't recall the answer to that  
question, but I seem to remember it wasn't trivial.  Well, anyways  
any suggestions to make the answers look slightly more friendly for  
students would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Ibrahim
wasfy at
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