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Mathematica on Sun + Mac???

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  • Subject: Mathematica on Sun + Mac???
  • From: gray at (Gary L. Gray)
  • Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1993 13:29:47 -0600

I am soliciting advice from people that have used Mathematica on a number
of platforms.

I have been using Mathematica on various versions of the Macintosh for a
number of years and I now have the opporunity to get the setup of my choice
for running Mathematica. I very much like the notebook interface and don't
want to give that up. I am also very familiar with, and like working on,
the Macintosh. Therefore, would prefer not to give that up (I like the
ability to import Mma graphics into Adobe Illustrator on the Mac, although
I am sure I can also do that on other platforms). Obviously, I want as much
speed as possible (within certain budgetary constraints, of course).

Here is the question:

Should I run the kernel on a UNIX workstation (say, a Sun SPARCstation 10,
Model 40) and the front end on a Macintosh (say, a Quadra 800), should I
run both the kernel and the front end both on the Sun, or should I do
something else? Can a Sun and a Mac "talk" fast enough to be able to run
the kernel and front end on the two separate machines? It would seem that
it would be nice to be able to run a separate kernel on each machine. Is
that possible?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

 Gary L. Gray                            (608) 262-7418 (office)
 Engineering Mechanics & Astronautics    (608) 238-9727 (home)
 University of Wisconsin-Madison         (608) 262-3735 (FAX)
 gray at              AOL: GLGray

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