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Re: Problems pasting PostScript into Mma notebooks on NeXT

  David M. Wood asks about ways of importing encapsulated postscript
into Mma to show nice equations.  He is having difficulty with using
TeXice to create the equations, and Mma v2.0 & 2.1 on a NeXT OS 3.0
to view them.

  I just wanted to say that I have had no difficulty at all in using
EquationBuilder3.0 on the NeXT to create equations, copy the EPS code,
and paste it into Mma v2.1 or 2.2. The equations appear nicely in 
both the notebook on the screen and when printed.

Two further points:
-EquationBuilder is available at an academic discount (contact 
 eqb_info at
-the MathUser magazine put out by Wolfram hints that v2.3 will contain
 a Mma native way of showing equations and manipulating symbols.

I hope this helps.

John van Heteren
vanhet at

(By the way, I am in NO way affiliated with Digital Tool Works, I just 
 like their EqB product and use it frequently).

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