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Re: Read error in Mathematica Win 2.0

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  • Subject: Re: Read error in Mathematica Win 2.0
  • From: John Fultz <jfultz>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Apr 1994 04:00:17 -0500 (CDT)

> Here is a question of one of our Mathematica users on Win 2.0:
> I tried to read in a data file which contained 2 real numbers on each line
> in Mathematica for win 2.0.  Below is my syntax:
>         ReadList["c:\file.m", {Real, Real}];
> However, Mathematica always complains on syntax error reading in real
> number.  Also the system crash frequently after evaluating the above
> expressio.  The message is :
>         General Application Error
>         KRNL386.EXE at 0001:1BB0
>                                         (simplifed)
> More seriously the system hang and warm is not functioning.
> Can anyone solve the above problems for me?
> Thanks a lot.
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You should always use double backslashes when specifying a filename,
as the backslash is normally an escape character inside a string (see
page 370 for more details).  In this case, "c:\file.m" picks out the
\f and turns it into an ASCII 12, which is bad for filenames.  The
solution is to use ReadList["c:\\file.m", {Real, Real}] instead
(note the doubled backslashes...this means use a literal backslash
instead of using the backslash as an escape sequence).  Also, you
should make sure that your numbers are only separated by space, tabs
or carriage returns; you cannot use commas or other delimiters without
changing your input command.
      John Fultz      "I am not a mouthpiece for Wolfram Research."
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