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3rd Telecommunication Systems Conference

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  • Subject: 3rd Telecommunication Systems Conference
  • Date: Thu, 05 May 1994 11:41:24 -0500 (CDT)

                       C A L L   for  P A P E R S
       3rd International Conference on Telecommunication Systems
                        Modelling and Analysis
                   March 16-19, 1995 Nashville, TN

The 3rd International Conference on Telecommunication Systems Modelling and
Analysis will be held in Nashville, Tennessee on March 16-19, 1995.  With a few
changes, the same basic format as the 1994 conference will be used.  The
general idea is to build on the success of earlier conferences by limiting the
number of participants, concentrate on a few topics, present new problems and
problem areas, encouraging informal interaction and exchanges of ideas.
The objective is to advance the state of the modelling and analysis in telecommunications
by stimulating research activity on new and important problems.

The conference will be divided into segments with each segment devoted to a
specific topic.  This will allow for little conflict between segments.  All
papers will be screened rigorously to ensure the quality of presentations.  The
number of participants will be limited in order to encourage interaction during
and after the formal presentations.  In response to suggestions made by last
year's participants, social and cultural activities will be included in
the 1995 agenda.

The Program Committee includes:

   Anant Balakrishnan - MIT
      Jerome Chifflet - CNET
       Suk-Gwon Chang - Hanyang U.
     Imrich Chlamtac  - University of Massachusetts at Amherst
          John Daigle - MITRE
    Robert Doverspike - Bellcore
       Bezalel Gavish - Vanderbilt University  (Chairman)
         Andre Girard - INRS-Telecom
       Richard Harris - Royal Melborn Institute of Technology
   Konosuke Kawashima - NTT
             Raj Jain - DEC
    Jeff Mackie-Mason - U. of Michigan
     Benjamin Melamed - NEC, USA
      Michelle Minoux - U. of Paris
            June Park - U. of Iowa
      Miguel A. Perez - Katolique U. of Chile
         Scott Rogers - Toronto U.
  William W. Sharkey  - Bellcore
    David Simchi-Levi - Columbia University
      Edward A. Sykes - University of Virginia
     Yutaka Takahashi - Kyoto University
       Nicos Van Dijk - U. of Amsterdam

Listed below are some of the potential segments:

-- Topological Design and Network Configuration Problems
-- Design and Analysis of Local Access Networks and Outside Plant Problems
-- Low Earth Orbit Satellite communication systems
-- Time Dependent Expansion of Telecommunication Systems
-- Designing Networks for Reliability and Availability
-- Network Design Problems in Gigabit and Terabit Networks
-- LAN, WAN Global Network Interconnection  
-- Quantitative Methods in Network Management
-- Pricing and Economic Analysis of Telecommunications  
-- Impact of Telecommunications on Industrial Organization
-- Performance Evaluation of Telecommunication Systems
-- Distributed Computing and Distributed Data Bases
-- Cellular Systems and PCS Modelling and Configuration

The Program Committee is open to any ideas you might have regarding additional
topics or format of the conference.  The intention is to limit the number of
parallel sessions to two.  The conference is scheduled over a weekend so as to
reduce teaching conflicts for academic participants and to take advantage of
weekend hotel airfare rates.   

This message is sent to a select group of participants which the Program
Committee feels will benefit from and will contribute to the conference
success.  Due to the limited number of participants early registration is
recommended.  To ensure your participation, please use the following steps:

1.  Send to Bezalel Gavish (address below) by August 1, 1994, a paper (preferable), or titles
and abstracts for potential presentations to be considered for the conference.
Sending more than one abstract is encouraged, enabling the Program Committee to
have a wider choice in terms of assigning talks to segments.  Use E-mail to
expedite the submission of titles and abstracts.

2.  Use the form at the end of this message to preregister for the conference.
Some institutions require participants to have formal duties in
a conference in order to be reimburesed for expensses, let us also know if you
would like to have a formal duty during the conference as:  Session
chair, or discussant.

3.  You will be notified by October 15, 1994, which abstract/s have been
selected for the conference.  December 1, 1994, is the deadline for sending a
complete paper.  The paper will go through a quick review process and feedback
will be sent back by January 1, 1995.  A final version of the paper is
expected by January 30, 1995.  Participants will receive copies of the
collection of papers to be presented.  All papers submitted to the conference
will be considered for publication in the "Telecommunication Systems" Journal.

The Program Committee looks forward to receiving your feedback/ideas.  Feel
free to volunteer any help you can offer.  If you have suggestions for Segment
Leaders (i.e., individuals who will have a longer time to give an
overview/state of the art talk on their segment subject) please E-mail them to
me.  Also, if there are individuals whose participation you view as important,
please send their names and E-mail addresses to the Program Committee Chairman,
or forward to them a copy of this message.

I look forward to a very successful conference.

Sincerely yours,
Bezalel Gavish


                                 Cut Here
        Third International Conference on Telecommunication Systems
                         Modelling and Analysis
                           REGISTRATION FORM           Date: __________________
Location: Nashville, TN
   Dates: March 16, 1995 (afternoon) to March 19, 1995

       Name: ________________________________________ Title: __________________

Affiliation: __________________________________________________________________

    Address: __________________________________________________________________


      Phone: ____________________________  FAX: _______________________________

     E-mail: __________________________________________________________________

Potential Title of Paper(s): __________________________________________________


I would like to Volunteer as                      Comments
A Session Chair   :  Yes  No   ________________________________________________
A Discussant      :  Yes  No   ________________________________________________
Organize a Session:  Yes  No   ________________________________________________


                       Last Applicable   Participant Type
                            Date         Academic  Industry
                      ----------------   --------  --------
1. Registration 1      Sept 15, 1994       $ 350     $ 495
2. Registration 2       Jan. 1, 1995       $ 495     $ 595
3. On Site Registration*  (or when full)   $ 595     $ 795
* We reserve the right to invoke this rate after November 1, 1994
  or when the capacity limit has been reached.

Mail your registration form and check to:

               Professor Bezalel Gavish
               Owen Graduate School of Management
               Vanderbilt University
               401 21st Avenue, South
               Nashville, TN 37203, USA

The check should be addressed to:
               3-rd Int. Telecomm Systems Conference

Refund Policy: Half refund, for requests received by January 15, 1995.
               No refund after January 15, 1995.
Bezalel Gavish
Owen Graduate School of Management
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN, 37203
Tel: (615) 322-3659
FAX: (615) 343-7177

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