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1994 European Mathematica Conference for advanced Users

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  • Subject: 1994 European Mathematica Conference for advanced Users
  • From: jonm (Jon McLoone)
  • Date: Thu, 19 May 1994 12:13:33 +0100


The 1994 European Mathematica Conference is intended for current
Mathematica users who wish to increase their knowledge and application
of Mathematica. Wolfram Research is hosting the conference.

For advanced users, this conference provides training in creating and
promoting Mathematica Packages, interactive texts, Books and MathLink
Applications. There will be opportunities to discuss Mathematica design
with its developers.

For intermediate users, workshops will enhance Mathematica expertise and
teach new ways to apply it to real-life problems. Learning from the
experiences of advanced Mathematica users will be of further benefit.

St. Anne's College, Oxford, United Kingdom

September 18-20, 1994
There will be an Opening Reception on Sunday evening, September 18.
Conference sessions will begin at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, September 19,
and end at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 20.

o  Opening Reception
o  Opening Address given by Stephen Wolfram
o  Conference Attendee Presentations
o  Mathematica Tutorials
o  Sessions
o  Forums
o  Problem-Solving Clinics
o  Computer Lab

Mathematica Tutorials
These tutorials will cover intermediate and advanced topics and new
features in future versions of Mathematica.
  o  The Mathematica Front End
  o  Mathematica Numerics
  o  Mathematica Symbolics
  o  Mathematica Graphics
  o  Mathematica Programming
  o  Engineering Pack
  o  Finance Pack

Key Sessions
  o  Programming Case Studies
  o  Package Design and Documentation
  o  How to Write Mathematica Courseware
  o  MathLink: Connecting Mathematica to External Software
  o  Software Developer Marketing Programs and Support

  o  Mathematica Q&A
       An open question and answer forum that gives participants the
       opportunity to ask Stephen Wolfram and other Mathematica
       developers a wide range of technical questions, particularly ones
       covering the design of Mathematica and opportunities for
       Mathematica Packages.
  o  Mathematica Books Forum
       Authors talk about their experiences in writing Mathematica books.
       Wolfram Research staff and publishers will also be
       present to answer questions and distribute a collection of tools
       and documentation.
  o  Courseware Forum
       University professors present their Mathematica-based courseware
       to give ideas and guidance for developing new courseware.

Problem Solving Clinics & Computer Lab
A variety of computers will be available for attendees to try out new
ideas. Mathematica technical support staff will be on hand to offer help.

Other Mathematica Conferences
Wolfram Research also sponsors conferences and tutorials for new
Mathematica users. If you are interested, please email conf-euro at
or send a fax to the Mathematica Conference Administrator at:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                         REGISTRATION FORM

    ** 1994 European Mathematica Conference for Advanced Users **

Please complete and return this form and email to conf-euro at or
print and fax to +44-(0)993-883800 or mail to:
1994 European Mathematica Conference, Wolfram Research Europe Ltd,
Evenlode Court, Main Road, Long Hanborough, Oxon OX8 2LA, United Kingdom.


Postal code:

Please answer the following questions:

* Which field do you feel best represents your area of work/study:

  [ ] Administration           [ ] Arts/Humanities
  [ ] Business/Finance         [ ] Computer sciences
  [ ] Engineering              [ ] Life sciences
  [ ] Mathematical sciences    [ ] Physical sciences
  [ ] Social sciences          [ ] Other

  [ ] I am currently using Mathematica to teach

* What type of computer do you use?

* Please describe your Mathematica project(s).

* What would you specifically like to accomplish at this conference?

* Do you plan to bring your own portable computer?   [ ] Yes
                                                     [ ] No
  If yes, what kind?

* Please give any additional comments or suggestions you have for
  the Conference.

If you are interested in giving a short presentation about your work
with Mathematica at the Conference, please contact Jon McLoone
at +44-(0)993-883400 or email conf-euro at before June 1, 1994.

Conference Fee & Accommodation

All charges are listed and payable in British Pounds Sterling

Conference Fee:
Registering Before July 15                BPS 165     [ ]
Registering After  July 15                BPS 225     [ ]

Fee includes all conference sessions, conference materials, lunch and
refreshments each day of the conference and dinner on the evenings of
September 18 and 19.

Please indicate for which nights you require accommodation:
Saturday September 17     [ ]
Sunday   September 18     [ ] **
Monday   September 19     [ ] **
Tuesday  September 20     [ ]

** Standard accommodation requirement

Rooms with private bathroom (limited availability)
Bed & Breakfast, BPS 40 per night                     [ ]

Rooms with shared bathroom facilities
Bed & Breakfast, BPS 24 per night                     [ ]

            Total for Rooms and Conference fee ____________

                 Value Added Tax (VAT) @ 17.5% ____________

                                      Total    ____________

Please charge my   [ ] Mastercard    [ ] VISA,    with the above amount.

Card Number:
Expiry date:
Cardholder's name:


I have enclosed: [ ] Eurocheque payable in British Pounds Sterling
                 [ ] Cheque (UK Only)
Payable to: Wolfram Research Europe Ltd.

A limited number of parking spaces may be available. Please indicate if
one is required  [ ]

Opening Reception
Attendees are invited to bring guests to the opening reception on Sunday
September 18, at St. Anne's College. The opening reception will be an
informal opportunity to meet and talk with fellow Mathematica users and
Wolfram Research staff.

[ ] I plan to attend
[ ] I plan on bringing [  ] guest(s)
[ ] I will not be able to attend

(There is no charge for bringing guests to the reception but we do need
to know how many to expect)

Registration Confirmation
We will send you a confirmation along with all necessary maps, hotel
information, and schedules by September 1. Please contact us if for some
reason you have not received these materials by then.

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