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  • Date: Thu, 12 May 1994 13:05:12 -0500

	MathSource Item Update Notification

The item 0205-254 "C, FORTRAN77, Maple and TeX Code Generation
Package" has been updated as of 12:48 CDT, May 12, 1994.  Information
about this item is included at the end of this message.

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============  0205-254 information  ============

0205-254: C, FORTRAN77, Maple and TeX Code Generation Package (May 12, 1994)
          Author: Mark Sofroniou
          Format.m is a package which extends Mathematica's built-in
          formatting rules.  Examples of the shortcomings of the standard
          format functions are given, where code generated may not be
          syntactically correct and of appropriate precision.  The package
          addresses these shortcomings and extends the formatting rules to
          include lists as data objects and assignments to expressions.
          Optimized computational sequences are now possible, utilizing the
          additional package Optimize.m. Examples are given to show how the
          package may be used to considerably enhance and automate code
          generation. The result is a symbiosis of symbolic-numeric
          environments built upon the existing Splice communication process.
          Some examples from applied numerical mathematics are given, where
          the package can been used to establish a generalised formulation 
          to a problem via the use of a template file.

          0011:  README.txt Author's notes (May 12, 1994; 2 kilobytes)

          0022:  Format.m Mathematica package (May 12, 1994; 64 kilobytes)

          0033:  Format.tex Documentation in LaTeX form (May 12, 1994; 109

          0044:  Format.sty LaTeX style file for Format.tex (May 12, 1994; 1

          0055:  driver.f Main driver routine (May 12, 1994; 1 kilobyte)

          0066: Simple FORTRAN77 main routine template file (May
                 12, 1994; 1 kilobyte)

          0077: FORTRAN77 function routine template file (May 12,
                 1994; 1 kilobyte)

          0088: FORTRAN77 template file for Newton's method. Uses
                 the LAPACK linear solution routine provided in the file
                 linsolv.f  (May 12, 1994; 3 kilobytes)

          0099: FORTRAN77 template file for the Runge-Kutta method
                 (May 12, 1994; 1 kilobyte)

          0101: A FORTRAN77 subroutine template file (May 12, 1994; 
                 1 kilobyte)

          0112:  linsolv.f LAPACK linear solution and LU decomposition for
                 use with the template file (May 12, 1994; 66

          0123: Documentation in PostScript form (May 12, 1994;
                 329 kilobytes)

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