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Putting Inequalities into standard Form

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: Putting Inequalities into standard Form
  • From: Ronald D. Notestine <ronald at>
  • Date: Sun, 29 May 94 23:53:07 +0900

  I have a set of lenear inequalities, with one
equality. The equality can be used to eliminate
one variable, of course. But the resulting set
of constraints is not in standard form: constants
on rhs, lhs with only terms involving variables.
  Is there any way to put this into standard form?
(Preferably, one accessible to my undergrad business
  An example of what I have:

In[1] := set0 = {x+y==2, 2x+3y<=5};
In[2] := solvey = Solve[set0[[1]], y] //First
Out[2] = {y -> 2 - x}
In[3] := set1 = (Rest[set0] /. solvey) //Simplify//First
Out[3] = 6 - x <= 5

  Of course, I want: x >= 1

The full form is:

In[4] := set1 //FullForm
Out[4] = LessEqual[Plus[6, Times[-1, x]], 5]

I could write a function that transforms this to:
which is just x >= 1,
However, I  would rather there were something built-in.
Does anyone know of something?
I would be very grateful, if someone did and took the
time to help me out on this.
Thank you very much,
Ron Notestine
Chukyo University
Nagoya, Japan

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