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re: lables

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  • Date: Thu, 26 May 94 12:06:30 EDT

Dorothee Rebscher <rebscher at> wrote:
>A second problem is to make DIAGRAMMS ONE UPON THE OTHER.
>If they have different unities on their x-achses, but the same y-achses and
>i am using GraphicsArray their x-axes are not placed exactly on one
>virtuell line.

If you want to superimpose two or more plots (for instance, plot two 
functions on a single pair of axes), generate the plots separately and assign 
them to variables (e.g., p1 and p2), then Show the list of plots (e.g., 
Show[ p1, p2 ] or Show[ {p1, p2} ]).  Mma will set the axes appropriately.
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