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Jack's questions below prompted me to begin a package to deal with your  
issues (1) and (2).  It's now at the stage where it works, but isn't  
pretty.  Anyone who is interested is welcome to a copy of it when it's  

--Lou Talman

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> Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 10:03:45 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Jack Goldberg <jackgold at>
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>Subject: [mg644] list of Mma commands with specified properties

Hi Group;
	A student asked me "Which Mma commands have the option 

of allowing Trig->False so that she could set Trig->True?"
	This question raises a more general issue which I pose to 

you in the form of two questions:
	(1) How does one ask for a list of commands which have a
	    specified option such as Trig->False ?
(I won't clutter cyberspace with my makeshift solution, since I'll
bet there is a "professional" way to do it.)
	(2) Same question for attributes, say for instance, Listable?

Another student asked this question (actually it was me):
	(3) Is there a way of forcing the front end to produce  

	     output in MatrixForm in a given Mma session rather than
	    a list of lists (of equal length) as it does now?
This is of value when one knows in advanced that a particular 

session will be dealing entirely with matrices.


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