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Re: help w/ SphericalPlot3D

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  • Subject: [mg846] Re: help w/ SphericalPlot3D
  • From: ianc (Ian Collier)
  • Date: Wed, 26 Apr 1995 00:13:16 -0400
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In article <3n4mav$pe6 at>, damion at (Damion
Thomas Searls) wrote:

> I'm trying to make a spherical plot but w/ no edges drawn on the polygons 
> (I'm looking for a similar effect to the one from making surface plots w/ 
> Mesh -> False) I've tride giving the directive EdgeForm[Thickness[0]] to 
> the list of polygons but that only gives me the default thickness.  Is there
> something simple I'm missing?
> Thanks
> Damion
> damion at

You can use Insert to place the appropriate EdgeForm directive
in the Graphics3D object. To get no liones at all you want to 
insert EdgeForm[] at position {1,1}.

    Needs[ "Graphics`ParametricPlot3D`"]

    gr = SphericalPlot3D[ 2, {theta, 0, Pi}, {phi, 0, 2 Pi}]


    Show[ Insert[ gr, EdgeForm[],  {1,1}]]


I hope this helps,


Ian Collier
Technical Sales Support
Wolfram Research, Inc.
Tel (217) 398-0700        Fax (217) 398-0747        ianc at
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